plastic spoon rose - so cute!

"Plastic spoon rose" This was awesome! Burn some plastic spoons. And it's pretty easy to make them look like roses!

The ‘Saran Wrap Ball’ Christmas Party Game Is A Must!

The Saran Wrap/tape ball game! Layers and layers of trinkets and goodness. First person with the ball starts unwrapping while the person on their right rolls dice trying to roll doubles. Once doubles are rolled the ball is passed to the next player and be

baby boy first christmas outfit - Google Search

20 Ideas for Christmas Pictures with Babies - Baby's First Christmas Pictures

Pink! ... result of heavy rains stirring up sediment called argolite | Cameron Falls, Canada

Nope this isn't photoshop, this pink waterfall is 100% real

Cameron Falls Alberta, Canada Incredibly rare moment: a waterfall turned tomato soup red. The red coloring of the water is a result of heavy rainfall washing sediment (with large quantities of argolite) into the river.

33 Things Americans Should Know About Canada. Seriously. Educate yourselves, it's just polite

33 Things Americans Should Know About Canada. Seriously.

33 Things Americans Should Know About Canada. I'm a Canadian and I say "zee". In Churchill (Manitoba) you do see a lot of polar bears and school sometimes has to be canceled because of polar bears

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In Flanders fields

▪️Remembrance Day poem: "In Flander's Fields" written during the First World War by Canadian physician Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae▪️

Happy Canada Day! Repin if u are CANADIAN!!!!!! If u are American... REPIN ALSO!!!!!! Happy 147th Canada!!!!!!

Canada Stamps Canada Flag Maple Leaf Postage Stamp


Remembrance Day (Canada) - A Tribute Unit for Nov. 11th (Literacy Math Art)

I was! #Canada #prints #art #Canadian

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We are so blessed to live in Canada I am so thankful God saw fit for me to be born here:)

Well it's Remembrance Day Today in Canada, a day that as a country, we remember the fallen soldiers that fought for our country's freedom and the freedom of others.