FRENCH Back to school bundle/Ensemble d'activités La rentrée

FRENCH Back to school PACK/Ensemble d'activités La rentrée

Foreign Language Number and Color Practice Activity: This is a quick set-up activity that requires almost no prep and gives students numerous opportunities to practice saying colors and numbers in the target language.  There is also an opportunity for students to practice some simple math.

Foreign Language Number and Color Practice Activity

Flip TEN-Fun addition card game from Guided Math! Kids line up cards in four rows of five. Then, they flip two cards over. If the sum of the two cards equals 10

l'alphabet de Paris

Alphabet de Paris- I totally want to make one of these in Spanish for my classroom!

Beginning of the year vocabulary booklet in our Spanish interactive notebooks. Section 4: Vocabulary

Spanish Notebook Section 4: Vocabulary

Karmen Creates: Interactive Spanish Notebook... Keeps growing!!!

So my notebook is growing everyday. I am now in the process of trying to figure out what parts I would assign for HW and what should be in.

1st Grade Math Game - 1 more, 1 less; 10 more, 10 less. by brenda.johnston.509

Pinner said: Grade Math Game - 1 more, 1 less; 10 more, 10 less. Should make this up for the SMARTboard to model & then use as a Math Station