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Designed for zip closure style bags, these strong clips are a convenient, easy to use, and inexpensive solution to organizing related articles. keep projects and unfinished projects in place!

Memory aids are often used to help students remember certain spelling rules. The FLoSS rule is one of the first spelling rules taught to our first and second grade students to help them understand when to double the final “f”, “l” and “s” consonants at the end of certain words. The word “floss” actually follows the FLoSS …

One of the very first spelling rules students learn is the doubling of the f, l, s and z in a one syllable word containing a short vowel and ending with the /f/, /l/, /s/ or /z/ sound. There are several little tricks that we teach students to remember

Math Coach's Corner: Concrete Learning for Equivalent Fractions. Lots of Standards for Mathematical Practice are embedded into this FREE activity for exploring equivalent fractions.

Fractions are such an abstract concept, and kiddos needs lots of concrete and representational (pictorial) experiences to really understand the meaning of a fraction. Concrete learning also allows kid