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Such a great idea 😍 Click in Bio to learn French FOR FREE 🇫🇷 cr @daria_doron
a person holding a bouquet of pink roses in their hand and a cell phone on the car seat
a screenshot of a text message with the words'study techniques'and'use two notebooks when taking notes one for class, make it messy with foot
a poster with words and instructions on the side of it that say things to do during study breaks
20 Rule-Breaking Menaces Who Don't Respect 'The Rules' At All
the text is written in black and white
LAST MINUTE EXAM TIPS to SAVE YOUR GRADES (stop crying from stress bestie) 💪.
how to study effectively,
a text message on the screen that reads i wish i were better for you,
school | Study motivation quotes, Work motivation, School motivation
a person writing on a piece of paper next to a cell phone
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