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Why VapoRub?

Why VapoRub? Relieving chest congestion - Flu / rub on feet keep sox on - Fighting migraines - Keeping bugs away - Eliminating acne - Stopping earaches - Potty training pets - Stop cats scratching - Get tick out - Toenail fungus - Muscle pain


These Life Hacks Will Get You Through This Disgustingly Hot Summer. Some of these can work for more than what is pictured. For example, the Vodka bottle. You could more than likely use that trick with any other beverage.

Can do diy

Upcycle pruned branches into coat hooks. No directions; was a 'for sale' item . but could use pallets for the frame. Make sure branch sections are well dried. Pre-drill branch and frame. Use wood glue and screws (or pegs) to connect.