Biophilia collection, outdoor furniture

furniture Biophilia design Pushing the Boundaries Between Structure and Form : BIOPHILIA Furniture Collection

Biophilia collection, outdoor furniture

Impressive Unique Furniture to Create Impressive Focal Point: Striking Outdoor Chair BIOPHILIA Furniture Collection Modern Swimming Pool

Chemist Tubes collection, indoor/outdoor vases

Vondom Vase Chemistubes Messkolben groß kaufen im borono Online Shop

Chemist Tubes collection, indoor/outdoor vases

Chemistubes, by Teresa Sapey, is what a laboratory container was before is now a decorative IN&OUT item

Doux collection, outdoor furniture

Doux, by Karim Rashid, is a table which has a hollow that works as a storage space and it’s hollow can be used as a flower pot or as a cool ice bucket

Faz collection, outdoor furniture

Polyethylene planter / original design - FAZ by Ramon Esteve - VONDOM - Videos

Faz collection, outdoor table and chairs

Faz is the first collection of outdoor furniture which Ramón Esteve studio designed for Vondom.

HD Rest collection, outdoor furniture

Lovers of design and decoration know the names of some of the great designers of furniture that have been happening throughout the history, such as Mies van der