Because we're all proud of our country, aren't we? …

You can't buy happiness, but you can live in Canada and that's pretty much the same thing.

Canadian Snowbirds

Canadian Snowbirds by Mark Chandler - Canadian Snowbirds perform at the 2010 Wings Over Atlanta air Show at Dobbins AFB in Marietta, GA.


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Canada 4¢ Beaver stamp 1954 | National Archives of Canada

Canada Beaver stamp 1954 National Archives of Canada-----and by the early it had only gone up one penny.


The Bluenose, the Nova Scotia fishing schooner launched in Lunenburg in pulled in record catches and had a unbeaten streak in the and on canadian dime mcaskill photographs boat ship yacht sailboat canada

Julie Payette born (1963) and raised in Montreal. She is the second Canadian woman to have flown in space. She is an incredible woman of many talents. Not only is she an astronaut, but Julie is an accomplished musician who has sung with the Montreal Symphonic Orchestra Chamber Choir. She speaks Russian, German, Italian and Spanish as well as being fluent in English and French. This cool Canadian also has a commercial pilot license and approximately 450 hours of flight time on jet aircraft.

In Canadian astronaut Julie Payette began an mission aboard the space shuttle "Discovery." She was the first Canadian to work on an assembly and re-supply mission for the International Space Station.