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an apartment building with several balconies in the front and two bicycles parked outside
Universidad Catolica de Salta , Argentina
an office building with trees in the foreground and a sign that reads jade on it
Universidad Argentina de la Empresa - Buenos Aires, Argentina
an office building with ivy growing on it's sides and the number eighty sign in front
Universidad CAECE Mar del Plata in Argentina
there is a statue sitting in front of the building that has a clock on it
Universidad Nacional de La Plata in Argentina
an aerial view of a building with cars parked in the parking lot next to it
Universidad Nacional de San Luis in Argentina
a park with lots of trees and buildings in the background
University of Mendoza in Argentina
the building has many windows on it and is next to an empty park with benches
Universidad Empresarial Siglio 21 in Argentina
an old building with trees in front of it
The Universidad de Buenos Aires (UBA) is the largest university in Argentina and the largest university by enrollment in Latin America.
people are standing in front of a building with steps leading up to the entrance and trees surrounding it
Universidad Nacional de Catamarca
several pictures of the inside of a building with multiple floors and windows, including stairs
Universidad Nacional de Quilmes
an ornate building with columns and statues in front
Universidad Nacional del Sur in Argentina
people walking in front of a large building on a street with trees and bushes around it
Universidad Nacional de La Rioja in La Rioja, Argentina
an open door leading to a building with a red wall and green grass in front
Universidad Nacional de Formosa, Argentina
the entrance to naval state university
Naval University Institute in Argentina
people walking on the sidewalk in front of a building with multicolored doors and windows
Universidad del Museo Social Argentino in CABA, Argentina