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20 Pins
the knutsford university college logo is shown in black and gold on a white background
Knutsford University College Logo, Ghana
the building is very large and has many plants in front of it on the lawn
Kumasi Polytechnic, Ghana
an apartment building with two balconies on the second floor
Wisconsin International University College, Ghana
an empty parking lot in front of a building with several people walking around the area
Catholic University College of Ghana in Sunyani, Ghana
the logo for regional marine university
Regional Maritime University Logo, Ghana
an orange and yellow building in the middle of a park with trees on both sides
Methodist University College, Ghana
the emblem of an english language school with two crossed axes and a book on it
University of Mines and Technology Logo, Ghana
an orange and black logo with the words american university college of communication
African University College of Communication Logo in Nelson Rd, Ghana
the logo for central university college, chana
Central University College Logo in West, Ghana
the words, to know christ better and to make him better known in blue on a white background
Valley View University College Logo in Ghana
an office building with trees in front of it and grass on the ground near by
Valley View University College, Ghana
an aerial view of a large building in the middle of a dirt field with several people walking around it
University for Development Studies, Ghana
a stone wall with steps leading up to it and purple flowers in the foreground
Ashesi university, Ghana
a large building with many windows and trees
University of Education Winneba, Ghana