PR Insider: 7 SEO Basics Every PR Pro Should Know, Kathleen McFadden, PRNews, 5 Nov 2013.

Kathleen McFadden talks about basic SEO tips every content writer should know.

The worst mistakes you can make on your site, and how to fix them.

7 things people hate about your website

Finding a job in the current market is often hindered by education and experience -- here's how having a side gig can supplement your resume.

"New Rules For SEO Success In 2013", Aaron Aders, Inc. 5000, 30 Jan 2013

New Rules for SEO Success in 2013

Measuring SEO success by your ranking position for your favorite keywords means falling behind the curve.

pushing social network structure

Beyond Military Skills Translation: How to change military speak into successful business conversations

"10 Things We Learned From Facebook's Graph Search" by Emily Price, Mashable, Jan 2013

10 Things We Learned From Facebook's Graph Search

Graph Search could be the most important service update for consumers and businesses since the social network launched in

"6 SEO Content Tips You May Have Missed" by Patrick Coffee, PRNewser, 7 Jan 2013

Every PR pro has heard the news: The future of public relations is all about "brand journalism", which is all about content, content, content.

"Content Marketing for SEO - Very Awesome Content Marketing Cheat Sheet", Nicholas Dureault, Social Media Today, 11 Jan 2013

Super Friends - First aired 1973 The Super Friends were an animated group of superhero comrades. The show was based on the Justice League of America--a fictional superhero team that appeared in then-recent comic books.

"5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Keyword Research," Wood, Shawn Paul, PRNewser, 6 June 2014.

Easy Ways to Improve Your Keyword Research," Wood, Shawn Paul, PRNewser, 6 June