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Swedish Super Helmet Helps Firefighters See Through Smoke  ... see more at

Developed to aid the brave men and women of our fire department, the C-Thru Smoke Diving Helmet harnesses a vast array of technologies to help aid rescuers when combating a blaze -- including augmented reality, noise cancellation, improved

A $200 3D printer? Meet the Micro

Micro is the first TRULY consumer printer. It's been redesigned to fit comfortably at home so anyone can enjoy the printing experience.

Just How Dangerous is Rugby?  Rugby is known as a dangerous sport the world over, but just how dangerous is it in reality? We take a look at some telling stats.

We have balls from Gilbert and Canterbury. Plus we have mini rugby balls for the kids. We have training gear like shields.

this quote is already on my bulletin board where i read it everyday.

Watching the game yesterday I saw a NZ player come in, change into a different players jersey because the officials said the jersey he was wearing had too much blood on it to continue in play. Rugby – those boys are rough tumble.