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Everything you need to know to get started writing white papers

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Take a look at our article and see 6 reasons white papers fail. We're telling all in this article. Learning To Write, Start Writing, White Paper, Programming, Fails, This Is Us, Make Mistakes

6 reasons white papers fail: our data and war stories - That White Paper Guy

Creating an effective white paper isn't easy. Take a look at some white papers we did that failed and find out why.

The Ultimate White Paper Training Mentorship 2019 Paper Train, White Paper, Get Started, Training, Sign, Guys, Work Outs, Boyfriends, Work Out

The Ultimate White Paper Training Mentorship 2019

Promo vidoe for That White Paper Guy's course, The Ultimate White Paper Mentorship program, in partnership with AWAI. Go to to check i...

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White papers and… the polar vortex?! - That White Paper Guy

A look at how white papers are like the new weather word, polar vortex, and how you can use our comparison to write your own white paper projects.

We're using Pinterest to share articles and for our new swipe file. Here's why Pinterest works and why we're using it. Epson Ecotank, Swipe File, Technical Writing, Online Registration, Start Writing, Show And Tell, White Paper

Why white paper writers and marketers should use Pinterest

We've started using Pinterest to share our articles and a new swipe file with our readers. Here's the details on why Pinterest works and why we're using it.

10 writing tips from Alexander Green that you can apply to white papers Start Writing, Writing Tips, How To Apply, How To Get, Copywriting, White Paper, Writers, Content

10 writing tips from Alexander Green that you can apply to white papers

A review of AWAI Bootcamp speaker Alexander Green's list of writing tips for copywriters and how they can work for white paper writers and all B2B writers.

cover of special report called How to Pick the Perfect Flavor for Your Next White Paper White Paper, Better Life, Graham, Career, Business, Tips, Carrera, Advice, Freshman Year

The three flavors of white papers and how to pick the right one for the job.

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How to generate leads with a white paper: tips from Tech Target - That White Paper Guy

Few people on earth have seen more white papers than Jay Habegger and Jeff Ramminger. Habegger was the CEO of Bitpipe (now TechTarget) which ran the annual White Paper Awards from 2001 through 2004, attracting thousands of entries. Ramminger knows something about white papers, too. He was executive VP of KnowledgeStorm, which started hosting white…

How to plan a problem/solution white paper - That White Paper Guy Plan A, How To Plan, Problem And Solution, Start Writing, White Paper, Get Started, How To Get, Guys, Boyfriends

How to plan a problem/solution white paper - That White Paper Guy

A problem/solution white paper will generate more leads than any other flavor. It will also last longer than any other type of white paper. That’s because a problem/solution white paper describes an industry-wide problem that has never been properly solved. Then it uses facts and logic to promote a new, recommended solution to that problem.…

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Does your company need a white paper? - That White Paper Guy

Here are three simple questions that can tell you the answer: Are you selling something new? Something complex? Something expensive? Any B2B vendor selling anything relatively new, complex or expensive could benefit from a white paper. Whether you’re selling a product, a service, a technology, or a methodology, you still need one. Whether you use…

Here's some tips on creating a landing page for promoting your white paper. This is part 5 of our ongoing repurposing series. Research Methods, Start Writing, White Paper, Get Started, How To Plan, Guys, Repurpose, Blog, Paper Products

How to plan a numbered list - That White Paper Guy

A numbered list is the fastest and easiest flavor of white paper to create. And it’s the easiest to place in a trade magazine or website, or to repurpose as a blog post. Readers love numbered lists because they’re light and lively, short and simple. For a vendor, a numbered list is a good way…

Here are some samples of the three main white paper formats Start Writing, White Paper, Get Started, Guys, Boyfriends, Boys, Men

White paper samples - That White Paper Guy

Here are some samples of the three main white paper formats

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7 habits of highly effective white paper writers - That White Paper Guy

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People is an acknowledged self-help masterpiece. Written by Stephen Covey and published in 1989, this book has sold an estimated 25 million copies. And it’s been translated into 38 (?!) languages. These seven habits make a lot of sense to me. And I’ve been thinking about how well Covey’s…

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When NOT to use a white paper - That White Paper Guy

I believe white papers are the most powerful content a B2B company can produce. But there are situations where white papers may not be the best choice.

That White Paper Guy is award-winning white paper writer Gordon Graham. Get white paper writing, planning and marketing tips, tactics, best practices. Scientific Writing, Small Business Marketing, Content Marketing, Digital Marketing, Professional Writing, White Paper, Writing Tips, Case Study, The Book

The best of That White Paper Guy - That White Paper Guy

Everything you want to know about white papers can be found at That White Paper Guy

Copywriters: To get more from your white papers, repurpose - That White Paper Guy Copywriting, White Paper, Repurposing, Kicks, How To Get, Marketing, Guys, Boyfriends, Boys

Marketers: To get more from your white papers, repurpose - That White Paper Guy

So you’ve hired a B2B copywriter to create a white paper for your firm. How can you get more from your investment? Simple: Repurpose your white paper into multiple formats. Having essentially the same material available in different formats gives your company more “kicks at the can.” In other words, more chances to engage prospects.…

How to hire a white paper writer - That White Paper Guy How Do You Find, How To Get, Start Writing, White Paper, Project Management, Get Started, I Can, This Or That Questions

How to hire a white paper writer - That White Paper Guy

If you’re looking for a white paper writer, how do you find one? Don’t just rush to Google “white paper writer.” Instead, take a minute to consider three trade-offs to help zero in on the perfect writer for you. Are you looking more for one or the other of these three questions: Save time or…