Mickey Mouse, and other cartoons emerged in the 1920s and 30s. These were a source of entertainment like silent films.   This has benefited us not only as a community or country, but as a world. Everywhere around the world, there are different cartoons and what we now know as movies. Sometimes there are even a combination of the two, that only could of began with the creation of silent films and short cartoons.

Disney animated short films, beginning in The first Disney short produced with sound was Steamboat Willie in which featured the official debut of Mickey Mouse.

Prohibition in Canada was overall a benefit for the government. They found out a "loop-hole" in the banning of alcohol. They ended up taxing exports of alcohol   In the future, this has helped us because we now have a store (LCBO) specifically for the distribution of alcohol.

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Residential schools to this day are one of North America's frown upon moments. The actions and measures taken were and are very inappropriate.   This helps us in the future just like the case of women, that they are actually people. Discrimination and racism are not tolerated among us Canadians, Americans, and anywhere socially. This also could have helped by maybe introducing a child abuse law.

New York Times: June 2015 - Canada's forced school of aboriginal children was 'cultural genocide,' report finds

During the Great Depression (1929), we learned a lot of ways and signs of when and how this might happen. If something like wheat goes down in price by a lot, that is an example of a sign.  This changed and changes our lives significantly because we now know the warning signs of something that could occur in the future, like the Great Depression

A publicity still of Richard Barthlemess in William Wellman's masterpiece Heroes for Sale Reminds me of somewhere.

Canada's nationalism had grown in a huge number after WWI. We had joined the League of Nations without being associated with Britain. Mackenzie was determined to "push" for more autonomy.  This is important to our lives because if Canada never tried to become independent, we would still be apart and under rule of Britain. With that being said, we are still allied and associated with Britain, but to this day, we are an independent country with our own government, rights and responsibilities.

Canada Motto: "A Mari Usque Ad Mare" Capital: Ottawa Official Language: English, French Government: const. Monarchy Currency: Canadian Dollar Driving: right

Automobiles in Canada were a big deal. Over the coarse of the years, it was the worlds second largest producer of cars.  This is very significant to us, because it proved the need for laws like speed limits, and safety precautions. It also showed us how well we have developed as a country, and a world. Cars like this would be worth a fortune if they were still lying around, yet are lower quality. The fact that they are considered "vintage" cars is what makes them pricey.

It is generally regarded as the first affordable automobile, the car that opened travel to the common middle-class American; some of this was because of Ford's efficient fabrication, including assembly line production instead of individual hand crafting.

In the 1920's to 30s, The radio was introduced. Us Canadians could listen in on American broadcasts as well as our own broadcasts.  These radios are significant to our future because they were something that we could improve on. It shows how far we have come in relation to technology, such as streaming websites and other live and recorded broadcasts.

Within the timeline of radio, many people contributed theory and inventions in what became radio.