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He was alone in Integras office, then he saw something on the table. It was medical blood with blood of his Master! Alucard was sooo excited! He take it and was going to drink it when saddenly Inte...

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Alucard (from Hellsing). Why this? Because I'm obsessed with him. And I'm obsessed with his Master. And because they make a damn hot couple. It has been... Alucard

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Alucard's eyes ♥<---- mesmerizing

Alucard's eyes ♥<---- mesmerizing

“I am the Bird of Hermes I eat my own wings to make me tame”


“I am the Bird of Hermes I eat my own wings to keep myself tame” (unrelated, but I just wonder why all badasses got their anuses destroyed when they were young, you know, Alucard, Guts, Griffith …)...