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P.E. Games - Backwards Soccer This game would be ALOT of fun!

This could also be done by allowing them to throw the ball in the goal or playing original soccer style just shooting behind the goal.

Side Switchers

Games - Side Switchers - looks like a great game to play in the gym or on the ballfield! Its like "Gotcha", but this has a little addition and much better name!

Physical Education Games - The Question Game

Physical Education Games - The Question Game( I/student asks questions and other students must run across if it pertains to him or her. if tagged they come in the middle to be taggers)

A website full of quality PE games from professional PE teachers! Great ideas for your PE lessons or class sports.

I did this with my classes today. I added an item in the middle for the kids to collect after each lap. The teams counted the items at the end. I also played speed racer song from the movie