Keep Calm And Love The Montreal Canadiens

Keep Calm And Love The Montreal Canadiens . this one's for the hubby! :) they came as a package deal :P

Don't worry Canada I got this one too!!

Loses teeth, calmly hands them to the trainer on the bench, keeps playing, wins the game, throws up the horns as he skates off the ice. Carey Price: the single most metal fucking player in the NHL. love him to death and hes OUR (habs) jelous

Carey Price

Carey Price (named top goaltender of the tournament) and Team Canada Duh, why wouldn't Carey be top goaltender he's the one that led Canada to the finals and the one who led them to the victory against USA

PK Subban. Carey Price, Canadiens Montreal

emily, hockey fandom omnivore (lots of caps). oops-ohdear at the as well!