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an image of a snake in the shape of a man's body with water lilies
A History and Explanation of Tantric Yoga | Communication Arts
a drawing of a snake on the wall
Serpent of kundalini The chakras in color snake as well?
Electro-magnetic alignment Alex Gray Art, Art Visionnaire, Alex Grey, Grey Art, Anatomy, Aura
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Electro-magnetic alignment
a painting with the words, when the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace
Spiritual partnership is based upon equality, balance between the male and female energies, the freedom and the strength to be one's self while taking responsibility for one's actions, sacred sexuality, open and truthful communication without fear of ridicule, honoring and respecting the others strengths and weaknesses, and the genuine recognition that your partner is truly your most intimate and all-embracing friend. - the wisdom of Michael Massaro