Rachel McAdams, I adore her:)

Longer bangs on the side to frame the face. Wispy in the middle. Rachel McAdams' strawberry blond updo with long, wispy bangs

Justin Bieber

This looks like a genuinely neat productJustin Bieber ♥ Justin Bieber ♥ Justin Bieber ♥

Canadian Saulteaux actor Adam Beach

Adam Beach in the Disney film "Squanto" shows us the Native American point of view as they face European settlers. My high school students enjoyed this film & the Disney " Pocahontas" as we looked at early American literature & culture.

Ryan Goslin, canadian actor

Though two minutes of official footage from the adrenaline fueled film Drive from director Nicolas Winding Refn and starring Ryan Gosling made it online

Nickel back

Drunk Day 2016 Article: Nickelback: Maybe Not So Bad?Two drunk writers debate the actual merits of Nickelback’s existence.

Team Canada brings home the GOLD

Team Canada brings home the GOLD The Canadian Women's Hockey team Rocks.

Butter tarts.

My quest to find the best led to 'The Fruit Shack' in…