Malabar Spinach

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Spinach Salads That Won't Leave You Hungry
"Malabar spinach holds up to warm ingredients without losing its texture." —Rick Bayless, executive chef–owner of Frontera Grill in Chicago Recipe: Spinach Salad with Bacon and Roasted Mushrooms Related: 10 Creative Bacon Recipes You Can Make Right Now -
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Here is a convenient easy way to use that malabar spinach that comes with your Plant it Forward CSA box!
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Chan Choy Tong (Malabar Spinach Soup)
Delicious and nutritious quick boil Chan Choy Tong (Malabar Spinach Soup) with salted duck egg for an additional layer of flavor. Perfect for busy weeknights. | Food • Culture • Stories at
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Fresh Recipe: Tomato-Malabar Spinach Quiche
Charlotte Fresh had a lot of eggs (thank you, Carlea Farms CSA!) and tomatoes on hand, so it was time to make quiche for dinner. Hope you like this easy recipe. I included malabar spinach (Basella…
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Basella Leaves/Malabar Spinach (Pui) Pakoda
Basella leaf or malabar spinach is known as Pui or poe in Hindi is very nutritious, it is low in calorie and high in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants etc. Including this in diet may fight against several diseases. So here I’ve brought a very tasty recipe with these leaves.
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Mong Toi or Malabar Spinach with Mushrooms
Chinese style saute of ceylon spinach with mushrooms. From Out of the Garden
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Malabar Spinach
Malabar Spinach Information and Facts and recipes
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Bachali Kura Pappu - Malabar Spinach Dal
Bachala kura Pappu is a high protein, vegan, heart warming dish loaded with nutritious greens - Malabar spinach or Indian Spinach. These protein-rich, vibrant green, glossy leaves are thick with a spongy texture and when cut they ooze a slimy juice similar to okra. We usually cook them with masoor or tur dal or with yam (kanda bachali) and as mustard powder based stew (ava pettina pulusu).
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malabar spinach recipe | malabar spinach with black eyed beans