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a wind chime hanging from the side of a wall with different colored items attached to it
three decorative wooden sticks are sitting on a chair in front of a painting and towel rack
a hand holding a wooden instrument with strings attached to it's body and several other musical instruments hanging from the strings
Wind+Chime+by+olique+on+Etsy... Really nice idea!!
a hand holding four different colored toothbrushes in it's palm, with snow on the ground behind them
Painted Talking Sticks, Aboriginal art
Shaman Tool, Magic Wand Ornament, Meditation Stick, Bogemian decor driftwood art
a close up of a pole on the beach with rocks and water in the background
Talking Stick, Boho Decor
Painted stick, Meditation Spirit Stick, Shelf Decor Bohemian. Snow quartz protective stone for protection and purification of energy.
three carved wooden sticks with faces and hands on them, sitting next to each other
WIP: A Thanksgiving Woodspirit Marathon (Part 2-conclusion)
A Thanksgiving Woodspirit Marathon (Part 2-conclusion)
several different colored toothbrushes lined up on a white surface with designs painted on them
Mixed Media: Hand painted sticks.
Mixed Media: Hand painted sticks. | Hand Painted Sticks. Fir… | Flickr
there are many different colored sticks on the wall next to each other and one is made out of wood
several different types of pens lined up against a wall
Stick Art
several different types of carved wooden sticks on a table
several wooden sticks with designs on them and colored stones in the middle one is painted
People In This Group Are Sharing Decor Ideas That Improved Their Homes 100% (40 Pics)
two pictures one is made out of sticks and the other has flowers in it
25 Cheap And Easy DIY Home And Garden Projects Using Sticks And Twigs