Maxine Kenneally

Maxine Kenneally

Maxine Kenneally
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Do I want hip bones or pizza? Um, I already have hip bones, and that doesn't mean they should protrude from my body unnaturally. So, pizza please. I can always exercise.

Black and white photograph

BritART surviour Sam Taylor-Wood is an artist that uses both photography and videography to produce work that is often provocative and beguilling. Taylor-Wood undertook a series of photographs called 'Self-portraits - Suspended' - Bram Stokers Chair.

Joan Myers Brown - who made history as one of the first black dancers in a white dance company

Joan Myers Brown *she made history as one of the first black dancers in a white company* Opened the Philadelphia School of Dance Arts, founded the Philadelphia Dance Company and co-founder of the Coalitions for African American Cultural Organizations.

Photo of Ruth St. Denis.

love the skirt ++ Ruth St Denis in her Gypsy aspect. What aspect of your soul would love to be expressed in the light? "I see dance being used as communication between body and soul, to express what is too deep to find for words.