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WP 5 NS: HODGE PODGE: Trad NS ~from~ "Canada’s Favourite Recipes"; Grilled Peanut Butter & Banana SANDWICHES & Banana BREAD ~from~ "The Flavour Principle"; Sesame Noodles, Sauce, Garnish ~from~ "The Mom 100 Cookbook"; Curry House Cauliflower ~from~ "Indian Cooking Unfolded". "Tantalizing meals at the turn of a page." Recipe. ~ The Western Producer

This traditional Nova Scotia recipe, hodge podge, was originally from Marie Nightingale, a prominent Canadian food writer who passed away this last year.

WP 2 MOTHER: Breakfast Sausage & Egg MUFFINS served with fruit; Fruity BRAN Muffins with cheese. (An easy Mother’s Day breakfast. Or make a large batch to tuck into a busy mom’s freezer. They can be made ahead and reheated for a quick breakfast or work lunch.) "Honour young mothers with breakfast treat." Recipe. ~ The Western Producer

Breakfast sausage and egg muffins served with fruit or fruity muffins with cheese make an easy Mother’s Day breakfast. Or make a large batch to tuck into a busy mom’s freezer. They can be made ahead and reheated for a quick breakfast or work lunch.

WP 4 SWEETS: Candied CITRUS PEEL; NANAIMO Bars; Cheddar Cheese CRISPS; Homemade MarshMALLOWS. "Home baked goods make delicious gifts and donations." Recipe. ~ The Western Producer

Home baked goods make delicious gifts and donations - The Western Producer

WP 4 MIDDLE EAST: PITA Bread - Khubz Arabee; Chickpea DIP - Hummus bi Tahini; Chickpea & BURGHUL Salad - Safsoof; Cucumber & YOGURT Salad - Khiyar bi-Laban. Scoop up with fresh baked pita bread. Appetizer Recipe Contest. "Snacks from the Middle East kindle memories of home." Recipe. ~ The Western Producer

Middle Eastern flavours can provide a refreshing change. Chickpea dip, cucumber and yogurt salad, and chickpea and burghul salad can all be scooped up with fresh baked pita bread.

WP 4 HALLOWEEN: SLOW Cooker Unsloppy JOES; Pumpkin Cranberry BREAD; Pumpkin Spice COOKIES; Chocolate Zucchini BUNDT. "Healthy food to satisfy witches and goblins." Recipe. ~ The Western Producer

Warm Up With Slow Cooker Unsloppy Joes, Left, And For Dessert Enjoy Pumpkin Cranberry Bread Or Pumpkin Spice Cookies. The Chocolate Zucchini Bundt Cake Batter Can Also Be Used To Make Muffins That Can Be Decorated With Halloween Faces.

WP 2 FORAGE: Vegetable RAGOUT; Cedar Planked Steelhead TROUT with Birch Syrup. FIDDLE HEADS: the unfurled fronds of ostrich fern resemble the head of a fiddle. Foraged in cool, moist forest late April - May. Delicate green flavour - serve w/butter or olive oil, sea salt, lemon. Use w/pastas, quiche or omelets. "Growing and gathering food creates unique businesses." Recipe. ~ The Western Producer

Birch syrup adds a unique flavour to cedar planked steelhead trout. Fiddleheads are featured in the vegetable ragout side dish.

WP 6 PORK: TERIYAKI Marinade; MANGO Salsa; Spinach PEAR Salad; Peppered PORK Tenderloin; Peppered Pork & Mango CROSTINI; BROWN Rice W/ Dried Cranberries. "Pork an economical, healthy choice for barbecue." Recipe. ~ The Western Producer

The Fruit Flavours Of Brown Rice With Dried Cranberries And Spinach Pear Salad Complement The Peppered Pork Tenderloin To Make A Delicious But Easy To Prepare Meal.

WP 5 MILK: HOMEMADE RICOTTA Cheese; Baked FRENCH Toast; Basic Oven OMELETTE; Hot Herb Garlic RICOTTA DIP; Italian CHEESECAKE. (Baked French toast can also be made in a shallow dish so everyone gets some crispy topping.) "Great ways to enjoy nature’s perfect food." Recipe. ~ The Western Producer

Great ways to enjoy nature’s perfect food - The Western Producer

WP 4 PASTA: BUTTER Bread Crumbs; Dad's Favourite Baked MACARONI; Creamy Chicken FETTUCCINI; North African COUSCOUS Salad. "Celebrate World Pasta Day." Recipe. ~ The Western Producer

Enjoy A Meal Of Traditional Baked Macaroni Or Creamy Chicken Fettuccine On Oct. Or Try A North African Couscous Salad As A Light Lunch.

WP 4 CHILI: THAI Snow Pea (Sugar Snap) Salad; Quick Frozen DIVINITY Salad; Freezer COLESLAW; QUINOA Chickpea Salad; Vegetarian/Vegan Chickpea & Bean CHILI. "Make-ahead dishes allow family time." Recipe. ~ The Western Producer

Thai snow pea salad (above), frozen divinity salad, quinoa and chickpea salad and vegetarian chili are great make-ahead dishes for holiday potlucks.

WP 3 SPATCHCOCK: Herb Roasted Spatchcocked CHICKEN & Vegetables;  Almond CRAISIN Salad: Toasted ALMONDS. (Spatchcocked (fowl only): process of removing the backbone from a whole frying chicken & splitting the breast bone, allowing the chicken to lie flat & cook quickly. Butterflied or flattened: any meat.) "Flatten chicken for easier barbecuing, faster baking." Recipe. ~ The Western Producer

Spatchcocked chicken is the process of removing the backbone from a whole frying chicken and splitting the breast bone, allowing the chicken to lie flat.

WP 3 COD: Fried Cod TONGUES; Cod au GRATIN; Cod FISH CAKES. In 1497, John Cabot landed at Cape Bonavista (Columbus NA 1492.) Abundant fish, cleaned, salted on shore (dried Europe), air dried on rocky beaches or wooden flakes. Processing sites became settlements. Canadian & foreign fishing depleted stocks; industry shut down; now 3 wks recreational only. "Cod has history in Canada’s birthplace." Recipe. ~ The Western Producer

Cod has history in Canada’s birthplace - The Western Producer

WP 1 ÇHILI (Fibre): Bean, Brown Rice & Lentil CHILI. Vegan, Quick, Freezes. 2 types of Fibre: Soluble & Insoluble. Soluble rich: oat bran, fruit, vegetable, brown rice, barley, pea, bean, nut. Insoluble rich: lentil, pea, bean, wheat bran, whole-grain bread & cereal. Money Management Tips. "Reduce health risks, improve digestion with fibre." Recipe. ~ The Western Producer

Reduce health risks, improve digestion with fibre - The Western Producer