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Circa 1909 Igs at a Dog Show in Amsterdam hip hop instrumentals updated daily…


Brindle Greyhound - I love Brindles! Must Have A Brindle


Brindle greyhound on the beach. Some of my favorite photos I…

Want to give her a good home!

Want to give her a good home!

I am Free

Stolen dog believed to have been gang raped People are sick in the head. This poor baby!

Cuteness overload

These two old galgo puppies were found abandoned - covered in cigarette burns - in Guadalajara. Has anyone room?


The Winner - Greyhound It's a tough call to make, but the greyhound wins the…


Shop LABRADOR RETRIEVER Property Laws Postcard created by poochloverstuff.


I Heart My Italian Greyhound Glitter Graphic, Greeting, Comment, Meme or GIF



Love them both!

I want my own Kermie Worm! the magical unicorn!