Canadian memories...

The Friendly Giant - children's TV show, with Rusty the Rooster & Jerome the Giraffe ~ a favorite . Reminds me of my Dad, who was like a cross between The Friendly Giant & John Wayne ❤

canadian pacific railway poster

Tåg från Canadian Pacific

Canadian Pacific Train Art Poster - I would love to have a room of just vintage railroad travel posters.

Barbie Airplane - Totally had this.....and back then who would have thought it would now be my employer!!!!!! Too funny!!!!!! Where is the drink cart

Family hid it in coat closet. I found it of course but they played it off like it was for a cousin. My sister had bought it early at Ben Franklins. I still remember the day my mom sold it at a garage sale, To My Friend!

had one of these

Barbie Camper~ Loved my Barbie Country Camper. I would play with it for hours.

Australia here we come!

RMS Queen Mary Ocean Liner Ship postcard - bidStart (item 25404035 in Postcards.