Penticton, Okanagan Valley, Canada

Penticton, Okanagan Valley, Canada: We picked fresh cherries. I asked Bill "Do you know what a cherry tree looks like?" He replied, "No, I thought you did!

Spotted Lake, or Khiluk, near Osoyoo, in British Columbia, Canada. The lake contains high concentrations of minerals, and when the water evaporates in the summer, minerals harden and colored puddles are left, each color dependent on the composition of minerals. The lake is believed to have healing powers by the people of Okanaga.

Spotted Lake is a saline endorheic alkali lake located northwest of Osoyoos in British Columbia in Canada. It is located near the city of Osoyoos, beside Highway Wikipedia


Ogopogo Canadian Apples ~ (Ogopogo is the Loch Ness Monster of Okanagan Lake in British Columbia)

Mission Hill winery Kelowna, Canada

Mission Hill winery Kelowna, Canada

Wine country

North by west: on the next wine frontier in British Columbia’s Okanagan Valley - The Boston Globe

Wine Country--where to go to have a unbelievable time.its soo hot in palm springs.All Winery's & Lakes & Skiing.