disgraceland - 965 bloor st. west, toronto | best vegan diner style food in toronto! | full review on hotforfoodblog.com

naughty vegan: disgraceland

Veggin' Out in Ontario - review of the best local vegan restaurant in London.

Veggin' Out in Ontario When I was growing up as a lonely vegetarian kid in rural Ontario, the idea of an entirely vegetarian restaurant was unheard of - let alone a completely VEGAN one!

Panacea all vegan grocery store in toronto OMG! They exist?!!!!!!!!!!

Panacea all vegan grocery store in toronto OMG! They exist?

Quesada burritos and tacos 511 maple grove oakville ontario is a new fave of mine. Lovely vegan options available including roast vegetables, whole pinto or whole black beans with rice in a burrito, taco, quesadilla and do try out the jarritos authentic Mexican pop

mini quesadillas and burritos

Rise Above 100% Vegan Bakery in St. Catharines, Ontario.

Niagara Vegan Bakery Rise Above. Stephanie (Girlnola Girl) takes Brock & Marta to "Rise Above" Vegan Bakery in St. They enjoy a tasty lunch and .

The Hogtown Vegan - Toronto4Kids

We recently discovered a great little vegan restaurant: The Hogtown Vegan. It's Toronto's answer to traditional comfort food, with the added twist of being completely meat-free. It's ideal for kids with food allergies.

Toronto Gets Meatless Butcher Shop!

Toronto Gets Meatless Butcher Shop!

Vegan in Toronto - Supermarkets

We lived in Toronto for over 5 years as vegetarians but after becoming vegan while living abroad we wondered what it would be like to be vegan in Toronto.