from Twitter / MrDerekNoakes: He's sharing his bread. I loves him. #cute #baby #elephant

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Baby elephant doesn't understand its trunk. soo adorable

WATCH: Baby Elephant Really Confused By Its Trunk

Just when it seems like the elephant world is saturated with bad news, from allegations of abuse caught on hidden cameras, to mistreatment during movie training, gems like this video surface and the world seems a little better. aw so cute!


Baby Elephant Sneezes and Scares Himself-It's adorable how he immediately runs to his mom

Big Ears (Baby Elephant) ~ Wall Poster - Baby Animals Art Prints and Posters - Animal Pictures

Little Dumbo taking flight :)

"Real life Dumbo" - more like photoshopped Dumbo. The ears have been enlarged and twisted around (you can see how they really attach on the big elephants), and it's been lifted off the ground. In real life, elephants can't jump (and certainly not fly).

I think it would be fun to play ball with a baby elephant as long as you could get out of it's way. I must say that in his/her brain should be happening the same thing We experience in the presence of a soccer ball. And is not soccer is FUTBOL btw!