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UGH! Why do people have to bully?! People are killing themselves because of bullying. It's wrong and incredibly mean to bully. People aren't killing themselves its the bully's. So if you bully, your a murderer. Yup your a murderer. Take that to heart I don't care, but you are a murderer and you hurt people, shatter them, break them, make them cry for days, even to death. Please let's stop the bullying! -Sidney Lang

I repost bc I think its important to stop bullying but I hate the pressure its using to make people repost. Like its saying stop bullying so you succumb to social pressure instead of fighting for an important cause with actual real life victims

27 Times Teachers Found Joy In Their Work

This teacher was like "You may only live once, but your life will be filled with the monotones flipping of greasy burgers at McDonalds. so go ahead and live your one miserable life!" -just awesome teacher!

Aha woozi actually reached that bar #woozi #seventeenvocalunit

Aha woozi actually reached that bar