Half Self-Portraits Project : idée fête des pères ou mères : demander à un enfant a partir de la moitié de son parents de dessiner l'autre.

-MOLLY: I could take a portrait of each child on Tuesday to print out for Wednesday or Thursday. Half Self-Portraits Project by Hannah's Art Club. - Art is a Way

{Dossier DIY} 15 idées à faire avec des galets! - 15 DIY for kids with painted rocks - Moma le blog

{Dossier DIY} 15 idées à faire avec des galets!

Photo de classe/ déco de porte

This might be a good class auction project. Posted or listed as: From exhibit "Art Auction Gan by (Art ID from Thayer Elementary School— Kindergarten United States

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Teach the principle of design called emphasis using this scribble art effect. Students write their name in bold letters and then doodle on the page.

French Back-to-school Games: jeux pour la rentrée scolaire

Jeux pour la rentrée scolaire : 10 idées !

Cursive Name Bugs | how fun for your spring or bug theme - kids will love this!

Cursive Name Bugs

Third graders will be starting to hone their cursive writing technique next week in art class. The kids are always so excited about learning to write cursive. Last year I tried a cursive writing pr.

Etiquettes prénom à décorer

Page introuvée ! Au secours

10 idées de jeux pour la rentrée scolaire (primaire et collège)

Jeux pour la rentrée scolaire : 10 idées !

Etiquette prénom

Stained Glass Names: this is a simple project, and a great introduction to the concept of positive and negative space for younger kids. Any project using their names is typically a guaranteed hit! It is also a good way to really explore the shape of the