Oral Hygiene Tips

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Teeth vs Soda: What Soda Does to Your Teeth

You Were Wrong About Soda If You Thought Its Sugar Killed Your Teeth

We want you to have a healthy smile and strong teeth. Check out these facts of teeth vs soda

Promote Oral Health With Good Nutrition See what OralB has to say about good nutrition and your oral health.

Promote Oral Health With Good Nutrition Calcium And Vitamin C Promote Oral Health Eating a variety of nutritious food is good for your overall health, including your oral health

Colgate: Healthy Mouth Manual

Healthy Mouth Manual - in just 6 steps!

Scaling And Root Planing: Professional Plaque Removal See what OralB has to say about scaling and root planing.

Causes of Bleeding Gums Gingivitis is the most common condition that can cause bleeding gums, which can be prevented by maintaining proper oral hygiene.

The Benefits of Good Oral Hygiene See what OralB has to say about the cost of good oral hygiene.

The Cost Of Dental Treatments If you develop complications from tooth decay and gum disease, you may be dealing with bills for anything fro.

Saliva Shortage? Pay Extra Attention to Plaque Removal See what OralB has to say dry mouth and plaque removal.

For women who experience uncomfortable bloating during PMS, certain foods seem to make things worse. Today show nutritionist Joy Bauer has 7 food cures that can help. Beat the bloat.