Espirals i altres patrons (imprimibles gratuït) de Rachel (",)

Lots of Lines

FIne Motor Activity: Spirals and other Patterns (free printable; from Stimulating Learning with Rachel) Mikayla Genwright PD k

construcción en plano.

a bath mat stops loose parts moving around - Natural resource creation at Tu Tamariki - Play Based Learning (",)

Provocación realizada con materiales naturales y pintura.

Exploring Autumn leaves and a tour through the Reggio-inspired Boulder Journey school {from Boulder Journey School}

Fall Leaf Provocation: "Can You Make a Pattern?" (from Inquiry Spaces & Wondering Places)

independant or Partner activity Each pair will be able to make patterns using the leaves. They can have their partner finish their pattern, or mirror their pattern.

Invitation to Explore Loose Parts on a Mirror | Little Worlds Big Adventures #looseparts #invitationtoplay #kidsactivities

Invitation to Explore Loose Parts on a Mirror

Learn all about the theory of loose parts and how to set up an easy invitations to explore loose parts at home with materials from around the house.

"almacén" de experimentación

Neon Modern Mobiles for Kids

I started a new job last week. I am the new atelierista (art teacher) at a Reggio based preschool close to where I live and I just love love love it! Reggio is a play based approach that I learned about several years ago and immediately fell in love with.

Inquiring Minds: Mrs. Myers' Kindergarten: Investigating the Colors of Leaves

We have some beautiful Ash trees on our playground that turn the most amazing colors in the Fall! The kids started noticing them and bringin.

Bird provocation

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