Chewie - DIY Star Wars Snowflakes

Matters of Grey shared 19 Stars Wars snowflakes patterns a couple of years ago, and even though they're not new, it doesn't make them any less stellar.

Savings Tip: Eliminate key confusion!

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Savings Tip: Turn an old drawer into a bedside table!

You could spend every waking minute on DIY this weekend (we know you& got January Cure assignments, too) or you could tackle a few easy projects to quickly refresh a room instead

Savings Tip: Use a towel bar to make accessing garbage bags easier!

Why didn't I think of this? Paper towel holder to hold garbage bags! I wonder if I can roll plastic grocery bags on a paper towel roll and use this idea.

Easy DIY Wall Art Project for Kid’s Rooms for under $10!

Easy DIY Wall Art Project for Kid's Rooms for under $10

Candy Race Car - #DIY #Kids

Candy Race Car- Great for Kids Parties. Who doesn't love fun DIY ideas for parties. Great for classroom fun too!

Free PDF Patterns for Star Wars Snowflakes #Freebie #Holidays

Free PDF Patterns for Star Wars Snowflakes