omg you want to buy me something, this is it!!!!!!!

Forget about current fashion trends, no outfit is complete without a few cat hairs! Give your cats lots of hugs and collect some cat hairs on this fashionable, funny and cute, cat shirt!

Hockey Season #hockey #sports #season #fall #autumn #leaf #bitches #fans #love

Let everyone know you live by a certain creed as you maintain your strict gym regiment while working out in this video game nerd fitness design that says "Training To Be An Assassin".<<<i'm totally going to wear this whenever i workout XD

#Humor #Bruins #Penguins

Thats Hilarious even though I don't like the Bruins, but I hate Sidney (Cindy) Crosby. GO FLYERS!

this is true..

hockey woman-working on it Don says, "Do you know what that blue spot in front of the net is called?" My reply: "The danger zone? The crease!" Me: "The danger zone is better!

hockey skate lace...I never want to steal tattoo ideas but I might have to steal this one

Hockey skate lace tattoo on my right ankle with the NJ logo in red in the middle background

Hockey is not easy!!!

My uncle Joe would wear a graphic tee that has some kind of borderline offensive quote on it. He actually wore a shirt with this exact saying to Father's Day a couple years ago.