The world of makeup is huge and full of wonders. Here are 50 amazing makeup tips that will make you look absolutely stunning at all times.

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Welcome to the final installment of Eye Shadow brown-eyed girls. The first lesson was all about purple shadows for hazel/green eyes and the second lesson covered The Best Hues For Your Baby Blues(How To Make Lipstick Bigger Lips)

How To Do Eyeshadow Like a Pro

Use Eye Primer -- when you put makeup directly on to your eyelids it will settle into wrinkles and crevices making them look more prominent. An eye primer will fill in these creases, allowing for smooth, long-lasting application


We've identified the best highlighters in india (available online) right now.

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How To Grow Your Eyebrows Thicker? Read on to know how to get thick eyebrows naturally. These remedies will make your eyebrow hair stronger and thicker, and some of them will also help fresh hair growth.


Inspired by the way that awesome beauty products are discovered through the app, Richard Parrott, the owner of Rickys NYC beauty empire, ope.