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Soul Eater

{ Justin isn't a bad guy. He's a death sycthe and he worships Lord Death. He's one of my favorites, so yeah- } << In the manga Justin turns traitor. So yes, in that he's a bad guy, but not in the anime.

Soule eater♥♥♥♥♥♥ if you never watched it go watching it right now! !!

Yay so eater! Now if only it actually had a good plot and delved more into the actual characters instead of fight scenes all the time :)

Death the Kid's life philosophy! (also, the artist forgot the c...in symmetrical...don't know if anyone else noticed that...)

Death The kid - Soul Eater -Well. Now I know everything will be okay: the world is symmetrical!

Soul Eater in one picture..

Maka: Why didn't you turn into your death scythe form Soul: Because you didn't fucking warn me you flat chested. I am gunna die