Snickerdoodle Cupcakes

NOT like Grandma used to bake, these cupcakes reinterpret the snickerdoodle cookie with cinnamon in the batter and a dusting of cinnamon sugar on top. Caps of seven-minute frosting are the perfect flourish.

Mermaid Cake

Mermaid Cake - Mermaid theme cake and cookies. The mom didn't want any mermaid figures in the design, so I used some elements in the mermaid's habitat and made them fancy, whimsy, and mythical. Vanilla cake and strawberry crusting buttercream.

Boston Creme Cupcakes

Boston Creme Cupcakes Recipe - Excellent idea and very tasty too -- Substitute SugarTwin® in this recipe for same sweet taste without the calories


Castle Birthday Cakes One of the most popular and most common cake idea is – Castle cake. Although baking a castle cake is not easy but still i would suggest…


White Dragon cake -:- this is AMAZING! what an awesome Idea! and the detail on the Dragon is fabulous.