Not Alberta, but could reseble alberta badlands

Photo by Dave Lehl Andy Orley flies off his skateboard while skating down the famous Forest Gump road in Monument Valley, UT.

Been there, it is a site to see.  2 hours from where I live.  Alberta Badlands, Canada

Red Deer Badlands - (Alberta) - Canada - Dinosaurs once roamed in a swampy, subtropical lowland that time has transformed into a great expanse of barren, dramatically eroded rocks.

Need to plan a trip to see the world's largest dinosaur in Drumheller, Alberta, Canada. You can climb stairs up & into it's mouth! #travel

The "World's Largest Dinosaur" is the name of a model Tyrannosaurus rex located in the town of Drumheller in the Canadian province of Alberta. Built of fiberglass and steel, has a height of 25 metres ft) and a length of 46 metres ft).

Canadian badlands... a wonderful and mysterious place to hike!

North+Dakota+Badlands Oakview Cottage: The Badlands of North Dakota, USA. The North Dakota Badlands is something that if your in North Dakota you will need to see. The Badlands is made of many layers of rock.These rock formations took millions

Alberta badlands hoodoos formed by erosion

Alberta badlands hoodoos formed by erosion