Chloe Lukasiak

My pyramid pic for Chloe

Kendall K Vertes

My ProPic of Kendall Vertes. Credit goes to Monsalve

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Nia is the only original member left on the team. You could say kendall is but she came on in season two. Nia is the only one left from season one. GO NIA💃💃

Maddie Ziegler

Maddie Ziegler will be filming a special for "Dance Moms" Season "Girl Talk: No Moms Allowed.

Mackenzie Zigler being adorable!

Mackenzie Zigler being adorable!

Kendall K Vertes! She's so pretty!

Hi my name is Kendall K. Vertes I'm 13 y/o my BFF is Maddie but she left so now I hang out with Kalani a lot. My mom always wants me to have a solo