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I am Canadian

Canadians aren't the only ones who pronounce it this way. The British also say zee zed. Since they invented the English language; I'm gonna say we Canadians and Brits are pronouncing it right.

Love this pic!

Little red crochet mittens hanging on a branch with some white maple leaves. Looking ready for christmas/holidays

Canadian Seasons

Canadian four seasons----- yup, 'bout right. On-going yearly construction after thaw due to frost heaves.

Canadian Ice Wine

Canadian Holiday - Icewine- Canada is Famous for its Ice Wine, invented in the Okanagan

The Canadian Alphabet ... from Eh to Zed

magpie & whiskeyjack: Canadiana for May two-four - Happy Victoria Day!


More like being the road hockey players and having to move over and over again. The players do it though, uncomplaining and quickly too.

LOL!!  I don't think it GETS anymore Canadian then that!

Funny pictures about Canadian headline. Oh, and cool pics about Canadian headline. Also, Canadian headline.