Nietzsche and Cupcakes: Unslobify Yourself!

Especially those of us who had to write an essay last night and today just don’t feel like dressing to the nines.

Nietzsche and Cupcakes: Softest Skin in the Land

Winter is an evil, evil creature who does some terrible things. One of those things is to dry out our skin until our elbows feel like sandp.

Nietzsche and Cupcakes: Spa Fridays

Material: Polar fleece Become legendary and project your greatness while you wear your Kigurumi outfit. Wearing your Blue Unicorn Kigurumi will definitely make

Nietzsche and Cupcakes: Can We Do the Thing?!: Second Check-In

So, the second check-in! Today we will briefly go through any progress we have made during this last week on our 2015 resolutions.

Nietzsche and Cupcakes: Surviving Higher Education: So You Got Stuck in th... My first blog post on our new blog! How to survive procrastination!

Nietzsche and Cupcakes: Surviving Higher Education: So You Got Stuck in th.

Nietzsche and Cupcakes: Smooth(ie) Criminal. Katherine's first blog post! She's trying to keep it healthy!

Nietzsche and Cupcakes: Eat Your Feelings: Smooth(ie) Criminal

Our Pintertest of French tip nails! Nietzsche and Cupcakes: Pinner's Paradise: French Tip Band-Aids

Perfect DIY french tip nails = use curved band-aids! Use for the holidays for beige base and black tips or colorful nails! (a little pricey. but it's probably still cheaper than going to get them done at a nail salon)