5th Story - Maddy Brizeau & her Journey to Love

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image used for Jade, 5 yrs old

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Journey, The Journey

Journey, The Journey

Journey, The Journey

Okeanos Explorer, deep ocean research. Geology, Marine Biology. Lab onboard.

Okeanos expedition to Norfolk Canyon has an eye opening breakthrough as the deep-sea vessel shows live-stream of the dive.

Stuart and his dau Jade image used to show their close relationship

Accoglienza minori stranieri: bando regionale per tutori

image used for Maddy, 29 yrs old, almost 30!

Worry-Free Tattoo Removal If you’ve grown tired of wasting time and energy covering up a tattoo that you’ve come to regret, you are far from alone! I know what you’re probably thinking – tattoo.

a stand-in image for Stuart, a computer engineer. (Nolan North)

a stand-in image for Stuart, a computer engineer.

image used for Maddy at 19 yrs old, barely off the streets, focusing on her future.

We all experience some level of anxiety from time to time, but it can sometimes be hard to recognize when this anxiety has taken over. Most of us know that racing thoughts and jittery feelings signal uneasiness, but there are also a number of surpris