12 weeks to a Thinner you

You can be thinner in 12 weeks by simply following our workout video challenge. One video a week and move as you please. Your body can't help but transform.
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12 weeks to a thinner you week 6 - YouTube

If you've been doing the workouts each week you'll have started to notice a shift in your body by now. This week Chrissy takes you on a deep core workout, an.

12 weeks to a thinner you workout 1 - YouTube

Pilates instructor and Personal trainer, Chrissy Ramstead sets the stage for you to begin living a life that gives you the body you desire.

workout 7 in 12 weeks to a thinner you - YouTube

After 7 weeks of working out with Chrissy you body will be shifting. Refining and maintain your results with this beach workout.

12 weeks to a thinner you week 5 - YouTube

This is a fun, energetic cardio workout that will blast fat from your body, especially your abdomen. Have fun keeping up with Chrissy.

12 weeks to a thinner you workout 3 - YouTube

This fun workout will burn fat, tone your tummy, and lengthen and lean your legs.

The day after workout - YouTube

This workout is designed to get you back on your healthy wagon. Personal Trainer and Pilates Instructor Chrissy put this workout together the morning after h.

12 week video challenge workout 2 - YouTube

Week 2 of the 12 weeks to a thinner you challenge is to workou out in the morning. Find 40 min before your days starts to go from sleepy to energized.