Pattern Towers for Preschoolers

Pattern Towers for Preschoolers

PATTERNS Preschool Pattern Towers - playdough, bamboo skewers, straw pieces // Frugal Fun for Boys

Looking for pattern activities for kindergarten or preschool? Find 15 simple and fun pattern activities... with free printables!

15 simple ways to teach patterns to preschoolers

Pattern activities for kids in preschool through first grade - with links to free pattern printables (The Measured Mom)

Animal Unit: Sort animals based on habitat (land vs. sea dwellers, ground vs. tree dwellers).

Sort animals based on habitat (land vs. tree dwellers) or type (mammal, fish, bird). For even younger kids, I just like the idea of using minis to teach various animals.

Learn with Play at home: Pattern Bracelet Activity for Kids. Guest post by Octavia and Vicky

Pattern Bracelet Activity for Kids

Sugar Aunts: Rainbow Fine Motor Play

Rainbow Fine Motor Play

Use Easter egg dye cups, By the Sugar Aunts: crafting pom poms, tweezers, and ice cube tray.