Crunchy Chicken-Cilantro Lettuce Wraps | Diabetes Canada

Crunchy Chicken-Cilantro Lettuce Wraps -- I'd do cilantro, lime, curry, onions, avocado perhaps almonds with garlic sauce!

Blueberry Bannock | Canadian Diabetes Association

Enjoy this whole-wheat, baked version of a traditional Aboriginal recipe. Canola oil helps produce a light and tender crumb.

Crunchy Tuna Salad in Pepper Cups | Canadian Diabetes Association

Tuna Salad in bell pepper cups. Each serving this main course salad sits in its own cup, so it is easy to serve on a luncheon or party plate.

Herbed Citrus Pork Chop | Canadian Diabetes Association

Herbed Citrus Pork Chop - citrus and pork complement each other in this very easy-to-make recipe.

Peppered Roast Beef | Canadian Diabetes Association

Roast beef is ideal to serve on Christmas day instead of turkey. The spicy coating gives the beef a rich flavour.

Take a 100 Meal Journey. Make small changes one meal at a time.

Nutrition Month 2018

HOW to Choose Small Changes for HUGE Results! - Dietetic Directions - Dietitian and Nutritionist in Kitchener/Waterloo

Salmon with Roasted Cherry Tomatoes | Canadian Diabetes Association

Tomatoes, thyme and garlic cooked with the salmon create a wonderful combination of flavours. Serve with couscous or rice.

Fruit Salad with Mojito Dressing | Canadian Diabetes Association

Fruit Salad with Mojito Dressing recipe. The Mojito dressing adds a real sparkle to this colorful fruit salad. Salad can be prepared in advance; add bananas just before serving.

Quinoa, Black Bean & Mango Salad | Canadian Diabetes Association

Quinoa, an ancient grain that’s actually an edible seed related to beets and spinach, makes a fantastic base for a salad.

Lentil-Stuffed Tomatoes | Canadian Diabetes Association

Making tomato stuffed tuna salad is easy but it looks like it took hours to prepare.

Turkey Fajitas

A quick and easy main dish, yet it calls for only a few ingredients. It’s ideal to serve for an impromptu dinner.

Nutrition Matters: Apricot Oat Muffins - YouTube

If you are a muffin fan and are carb counting, this is the muffin for you! It could have just half the carbohydrates and calories of a store-bought one.