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This post describes what a person can do if they experience suicidal thoughts due to depression, anxiety and stress.

15 Quesitons to Ask your Physician About Antidepressant Medication

15 questions you can ask you physician about antidepressant medication. It also contains a link to a PDF page of how to handle side effects.

Comparing ourselves to others is a deadly trap

This is the Curse of Being Hot - Most people don't know, though hot people often do, that there is a serious curse that comes with being hot. **PS I, by no means, think of myself as "hot" but this is true. We are never truly satisfied.

How the mind, body, and circumstances are linked

HTFF Definitions of Health, Physical / Mental Fitness, and Exercise - How To Feel Fantastic

Awareness is your first step in feeling better.

First step in learning to use the power of your mind: increasing your awareness or recognition skills. Great tool to conquer depression, stress, & anxiety

Stress Body & Mind

What is Stress and How Does It Affect My Body and My Mind?

Improve Your Mood and Decrease Your Stress

The Conquer Stress, Anxiety, and Depression podcast where Dr. Bob Acton and his expert guests discuss practical strategies to feel fantastic.


Lifelong learning helps working adults re-skill and meet career challenges head-on

Monday Motivation Merry Monday Christmas

Monday Motivation Merry Monday Christmas

Resilience Strong Adversity

Resilience Strong Adversity

Happiness, Happy Quote Quotes

Happiness, Happy Quote Quotes