Howard Carter House in Luxor isn’t one of Egypt’s most glamorous sites, but it’s certainly worth a visit to the home that once belonged to the man who discovered the tomb of King Tut. When you visit, you can’t help thinking about how challenging life in Egypt must have been for Carter in the early 1900's. Carter was a wealthy Englishman who had spent his entire life in England. When he moved to Egypt, he would have had to sacrifice many conveniences which would have been available in…

Howard Carter House – The Man Who Found The Tomb Of Tutankhamen

This is the house where Howard Carter stayed - the famous archeologist who found the tomb of Tutankhamun. Valley of the Kings, Egypt

Howard Carter's House Luxor

To see the house of the man who found Tutankhamen , step back into a time capsule of 100 years ago

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My Luxor Holiday 2011

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Kitchen in Howard Carter House, West Bank, Luxor

Howard Carter House, West Bank, Luxor - Egypt.

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My Luxor Holiday 2011

Howard Carter era un hombre de carácter reservado y que gustaba de la soledad , por eso no se sentía cómodo en la ciudad de El Cairo y decidió instalarse a la entrada del desfiladero a través del cual se accede al Valle de los Reyes, donde construyó la casa de adobe que aparece en esta fotografía, ahora convertida en museo.

Akenaton Y Tutankamón,Historia de un Faraón y su Tumba II

File:Luxor, West Bank, Stoppelaere House, Egypt, Oct Howard Carter' house while excavating Tut's tomb

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