Essential Oil Key Chain Diffuser

This is a simple, beautiful key chain diffuser. It is specially designed with ventilation holes, which allows you to slowly diffuse your favorite essential oil

Bead - Extra Lava Bead

Extra Lava Bead

These extra lava beads can be used for a replacement inside a lava bead locket.

Note: The Essential Oil accessories kit, and bottle droppers only ship to the United States.

USB Mini Aroma Diffuser Air Humidifier Flower Perfume Mini Electric Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser for Home Office Car

Cute Essential Oil Clay Bottle Set

Cute Essential Oil Clay Bottle Set

You can now carry your favorite pure or essential oil blends around with you anywhere and everywhere in our cute, fashionable and practical bottles.

50 ml Essential Oil Bottle Dropper - 1 pc

50 ml Essential Oil Bottle Dropper - 1 pc

Amber Glass Bottles with Glass Droppers - 2 Each - 4 Oz Capacity

Roller Bottle- 4 pcs

Roller Bottle - 6 pcs

Roller bottles allow you to easily apply oils topically. Mix together an assortment of your own oils to create cocktails of the desired potency and effect to ta

Computer Essential Oil Diffuser: USB Plug

'Flower' Essential Oil USB Diffuser

USB Scent Flower - your USB powered aroma fragrance diffuser. Perfect for your cubicle computer, traveling laptop or modern car.

Essential Oil Carrying Case: 16 Bottles

Carrying Case 16 Essential Oil Bottles

[custom_html]Holds 16 Essential Oil bottles of or up to 15 ml. Comes in a variety of selectable colors.

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