25 Awesome Facts about Canada #infographic #Canada #Travel #Facts

25 Awesome Facts about Canada #infographic

These are a few fun facts about Canada. Canada is a big country with the longest coastline. It is also one of the countries with the highest literacy rate. Find out more interesting facts about Canada in our infographics.

Hetalia ~~ Sharing is caring, right, Matty? So what's up with the Canadian exclusionism?

Just the Canadians trolling the Europeans…

Campaign by Molson Canadian for both Canada day and promoting the Canadian Olympic teams. It is their biggest sponsor and brings recognition to the brand.

Canadian Humor. A Canadian Joke I remember someone telling me. I thought it was pretty good and could give someone a laugh.. Canadian Humor ...

A Canadian Joke I remember someone telling me. Canadian Humor A Newfie, a little m Canadian Humor canada

No Wisconsin understands Canada. It's April and we keep getting inches of snow. We always have the possibility of getting snow anytime of the year.

February 2015 Meanwhile in Canada. The West Coast vs The East Coast. It's a tough choice (NOT).

Sandy McTire

Canadian Tire money, in a display of world currency, ahaha! (My husband's been known to tease clerks in USA stores with Canadian Tire money) :-/

I didn't think this was actually real? I though it was just a commercial

Fridges full of beer for Canadians - WTF fun animal photos lafferty funny she wolf