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The 57 Greatest Pet Costumes EVER

Cat fish. This mermaid outfit is one of Petco's top 10 Halloween costumes for pets.

Petco Mermaid Halloween Costume for Cats Hahahaha! Which cat would wear this? I think Punky and Ginger are too fat to fit.

Molly or Luna

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Molly or luna

Pet Dog Cat Clothes Coat Apparel Puppy Rabbit Hoodie Fancy Dress Costume Outfit in Pet Supplies, Dog Supplies, Costumes

Bat Costume for pets (diy)

Pets in costumes will make your party funnier and will add to the atmosphere.

Behold the kitty unicorn...the kittycorn! FAB would so kill us in our sleep!

For My Favorite Aunt Tracy to do to her cats! crochet pattern unicorn pet costume by xmoonbloom on Etsy

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