Heidi Horticulture: ✿ Insects/Disease

Here are some of my posts pertaining to specific garden (indoor too) insects/diseases and how to control them: Scales: Euonymus sc.

I don't see Oyster Scale very often, but on this young lilac, it was hard to notice. Deep brown and shiny bark was what I hoped to see.

It's the beginning of October and as we start to prep for autumn clean up, I noticed our David Austin Rose has set a bunch of new buds and o.

Many a time, I come across crown gall on Euonymus.

My eyes were drawn to my small Korean Boxwood yesterday. This variety is called "Green Gem".

One question I get asked every year: How can I get rid of the ants on my peony flower buds? Some years, I've seen flower buds so.

In an earlier post, I captured photos of small Boxwood Leaf Miners- Monarthropalpus flavus (boring worms) that feed between boxwood leaf t.

Today, I noticed the Iris Borer (Macronocutua onusta) among some Bearded Iris (Iris germanica). Yellow to brown leaves and drooping foliage.

At work this week, my eye caught swiss cheese holes throughout leaves of some of the Asiatic Lilies we have emerging in our perennial border.